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Alloy Precision Repair is a young up and coming wheel repair services specialist shop in Brisbane. Established in 2021, APR was born from the growing demand in the market for high-quality wheel repairs. The unique proposition of the business is this: professional repairs for alloy wheels and all other wheels for any type of vehicle. With such a very specific business focus, they didn't want to feel like their target market was limited. Working with them during their pre-launch stage, the goal was to appear as authority figures in wheel repairs whose expertise will be appreciated by all car owners. Getting it right the first time meant they can start building their reputation faster, hence the following outcomes for Alloy Precision Repair:



First thing's first
The Logo

Starting from scratch gave the designers much freedom to play with their creativity. Alloy Precision Repair wanted their business name and logo to be complementary. The simple but original wheel logo was designed by hand to make sure the logo is unique. We went with the color violet because it gives off a strong vibe that's eye-catching but cool on the eyes, and goes perfectly with a touch of red to emphasize on "precision". Once the logo and the color palette were finalized, it became easier to curate all other marketing assets with a vision in mind.

05 Website-Laptop
The Digital Storefront
The Website

Following the branding colors, the website is simple but dazzled with bright violet hues across pages to add a splash of color. Any client can use the website with ease and getting a quote is made easier! Easy to navigate, easy on the eyes- Alloy Precision Repair's website ticks all the right boxes. This layout design decreases the bounce rate of people who visit the website. Keeping them interested in the digital storefront increases the chances of them actually booking, and within a few months of creating the website they already saw good traffic to their business.

A Must for Every Business
Social Media

Setting up social media pages was another priority for Alloy Precision Repair. In order to expand their market reach, they need to maintain an active online presence. Brand awareness is the key to generating more leads and turning them into clients. Of course, they wanted to be consistent with their branding in all of their posts, so we came up with a custom layout to make the social media posts uniform and in line with their voice and image.

Unique Content Creation
Video and Graphics

To show the caliber of their expertise in wheel repairs, they wanted to maximize video creation to entice the visual-centric automotive market. Every now and then, they post wheel repairs in action on their social media pages to give a glimpse of the Alloy Precision Repair process that just beats any other competitor in the area. On top of video curation, professionally-captured images of wheel repair projects serve as testimonies for the quality of repairs that clients can expect.


This teaser video is one of the first videos created for Alloy Precision Repair and was the perfect introduction of their new business to the public.

03 Flyer Alloy Precision-02
Not Only Digital
Physical Assets

Working with Alloy Precision Repair, they went all-in for branding and design, going beyond just digital assets. Their uniforms, calling cards, and flyers were also customized in line with their color palettes. These marketing assets should be easily distinguishable by the clients in order to establish their brand and create that unique, recognizable identity.

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