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September 2021

Flow Autobody, previously known as Platypus Creek Collision Repair, did a total rebranding even after major success as a leading repair shop in Enoggera, Brisbane. Why the need to rebrand if they were successful already, you ask? Well, more than the profits, they wanted to stay true to their realigned business vision- to provide a repair service experience to clients that flows perfectly with their needs.

Flow Autobody wanted to carry the simplicity of their business operations into their marketing assets. The simpler the better, because they want to highlight the repair services that they offer. Designs and assets that are too extravagant or complicated might shift the attention from the star of the business: top-quality smash repairs. They don't believe in bluff and fluff, so we came up with simple yet effective solutions:

First thing's first
The Logo

The iconic 3-colored Flow logo is the best representation for their newly aligned vision for the business. They wanted it to be effortlessly eye-catching, and what better way to do that than to use cool, calming colors. Since they're doing a total rebranding, they wanted to make sure the market can easily distinguish them through their logo. It's a total shift from the previous Platypus logo which, although simple, doesn't fit the current vision anymore. 

03 Devices Flowautobody
The digital storefront
The Website

Completely abandoning the old website, the new website now carries the cool color palettes of the new branding. The layout of the website perfectly fits any type of device to give a better customer experience each time. Whichever device they are on, it's easy to navigate their way through the website with a fast page loading speed. It's a user-friendly website with perfectly optimized landing pages to make sure that new customers can easily find them online. A simple internet search can lead the clients to their business, and then they're just a few clicks away from booking! Everything is easy to read, with easy access to booking and services pages to reduce the bounce rate of visitors.

02 IG Social Media Flow Autobody
A must for every business
Social Media

Customers want businesses that are within reach- those who make an effort to connect with them and are always accessible to any interested client. Flow Autobody really prioritized their online presence: they wanted to get in front of the right customers by maximizing all available channels from Facebook and Instagram to Youtube and LinkedIn. We helped them establish the brand tone and voice that they should keep consistent across their social media posts, with a custom layout for various content assets. Content curated especially for them are also shared on their social media pages to increase the reach of their business.

Unique content curation
Optimized Content and Graphics

On top of weekly blog curation for simple guides and how-to's, there are also explainer videos and animations directed towards educating the public. Flow Autobody has a team of leading experts in the automotive industry and they want to affirm their expertise in the field by providing informational materials. More than increasing their bookings, they also want to stay relatable to all vehicle owners, not just those who they want to convince to turn into clients.


See this sample clip explaining the different types of vehicle damage.

01 Biz Card Flow Autobody
Not only digital
Physical Assets

Included in total rebranding is changing all their physical assets, too. The uniforms, following suit, are no-fuss and in solid colors, with the business name embossed on the front. The quirky addition of green and orange uniform colors is just to put a splash of fun for the team. Even the calling cards don't have elements that can distract the eye, just the brand's logo and the essential details, all in brand color palettes. Incorporating the branding in all assets related to the business will help them further embody their unique identity and likewise help the clients identify them among the competition.

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