Take your Automotive business to the next level with our Brand Pro package

Brand Pro

For businesses that want all-out expert support in implementing marketing strategies for a full year. Limited slots only.

Complete Business Repairs, Checks and Maintenance

Why settle for just a marketing audit when there are literally several other aspects of the business to focus on? Outsource the whole marketing strategy to us and get sustainable and lasting results. Hiring your own marketing team means needing to oversee their operations; outsourcing all your marketing needs to us means getting peace of mind knowing the experts are handling it.

What you get:
2 on-site strategy & coaching sessions with you and your team*
Monthly virtual consulting and coaching sessions
Full business and marketing audits

*For clients outside of Brisbane, flights and accommodation expenses for our coaches not included.


Full Brand Overhaul and Customisation

Become a recognised brand by creating a strong brand identity that’s easily identifiable in the market. Familiarise your audience by making all your assets, both digital and physical, carry your brand’s visuals. You won’t have to worry anymore about attracting new customers because you will be like a magnet: the customers come to you!

What you get:
All branding assets including custom design templates, business cards, letterheads, uniforms, signage, workshop presentation, and other design-related needs
All-in Digital Assets

Remain relevant and maintain a consistent online presence by publishing optimised content on a regular basis. Instead of worrying about how to keep your customers interested, all you will need to think of is doing a superb job on the workshop and keeping the customers happy. We’ll handle your digital storefront while you take care of your physical shop;

What you get:
All digital assets including an optimised website and personalised e-business cards
Weekly social media content for 3 channels
2 blogs or 1 video asset per month
Smart Automations and Integrations

Smart Automations and Integrations
With a full automation package, you can finally get that much-needed work-life balance back. Bid good bye to all those long hours in front of your computer, organizing all the paperworks, and just keeping track of all the job orders. Enjoy a seamless, effortless, and efficient automation system that has become a staple in our clients’ businesses. All you’ll need to do is to keep up with the influx of customers that are sure to hit your workshop.

What you get:
12 months FREE workflow management tool
Dedicated customer portal and rewards program
Lead generation with 3 months of google and social media ads
Customer relations management system with data reporting and coaching
Brand Pro

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