Different solutions for different Automotive business needs

Find out how Flow Media Digital can help your business reach its maximum potential with the different service packages below.

Service Packages

Brand Pro
For businesses that want all-out expert support in implementing marketing strategies for a full year. Limited slots only.
Brand Boost
For businesses that want expert guidance in implementing marketing strategies
Brand Discovery
For businesses that want to discover their brand voice, image, and tone.

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how it works

OBD Scan
First order of business is to conduct an OBD Scan, also known as On Board Diagnostics Scan. In this stage, our experts will help you determine the pain points within your business that are in need of better solutions. Just like an OBD Scan of a vehicle, we will do an overall check of your automotive business to help us craft a suitable attack plan specific to your needs.
During the ideation stage, we come up with the most suitable digital strategies to address the different issues that were identified in the OBD Scan stage. Based on the company's short-term and long-term goals, we lay out a plan detailing the steps to be taken and the target results from each action.
The most critical part of the process is the execution of digital strategies. The Brand Boost and Brand Pro packages offer expert support in implementing the strategies for the different aspects of your business. You can always upgrade your Brand Discovery package to get full support from our team to ensure proper implementation and direction.
Even with proper implementation, assessing the progress in the first few months is necessary. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution; as we go along with our plan, there's always room for improvement. We will adjust our tactics as we move forward to make sure that we constantly get better results each month.

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